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This article is for the top 5 Best Gym Bags for Men. It contains heavy-duty gym bags with large storage capacities and rugged designs. Sports Gym bags meant for men are built with superior materials, in most cases, they are not sleek but they are super-efficient for everyday use.

The gym bags on this post come with sizeable shoe compartments and pack lots of multi-functional pockets. They are reliable bags you can use in any weather condition or rough environments. Most importantly, a good percentage of them are fully waterproofed.

The Top 5 Best Gym Bags for Men

1. Runetz Gym Bag

Available in 2 big sizes, you are to make your choice depending on the number of gears you move along with while visiting the gym. Up to 6 great colors are also available for you to choose from. This gym bag is indeed a great gym bag suitable for hardcore trainers who work out on daily basis. The bag features a tough skin with multiple pockets all around the body and a dedicated shoe compartment.

You can also carry this gym bag as a backpack so it does not get on your way while on the move. It is made from a high-grade polyester material with reinforced stitching for long-lasting use. Also, the body of this gym bag is built to resist wear or tear.

Furthermore, this gym bag comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with soft padding at the middle. There are ventilated pockets for your wet apparels or dirty shoes after gym. The stylish design of this gym bag makes it the perfect choice for most professionals.

Features of the bag

Trendy design

The Runetz Gym Bag comes with the latest trendy design and looks very attractive in its multi colors. It is a classic bag for everyday trainers.

Roomy compartments

This gym bag features roomy compartments that will contain all your gears in one pack. Every equipment or cloth will get a comfortable position.

Flexible strap

You can easily detach the shoulder strap for great convenience. Also, this shoulder strap is adjustable and it comes with a soft padding at the middle.


  • Multiple color choices
  • Roomy compartments
  • Convenient shoe compartment
  • Several mesh pockets
  • Comfortable carrying


  • The stitches do not appear to be strong

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2. SOBAM Large Gym Bag for men

Here’s a large/sizeable gym bag for men, it is suitable for many purposes and with a thorough body build. The material used to manufacture this bag is very strong and assures the owner of the maximum durability of the bag; it won’t scratch at any instance and there are various compartments for every gym equipment or kit.

This men’s gym back by SOBAM looks rugged; the design is quite comfortable, everyone’s is going to like it indeed. It comes with a flexible velcro compartment for flexible usage of the bag by the owner. The Velcro compartment can serve as another big capacity compartment when attached inside the bag. Alternatively, you can totally remove the velcro and use it as wrist wraps holder, barbell collars, keys holder, wallet, etc. How you use this bag depends what you want, SOBAM has designed it to suit any customization you may want to do with your gym bag.

Not minding anytime you’d be hitting the gym; whether it is in the morning time (early), mid-day, or late (evening/night), this gym bag will not disappoint you. It will keep all your gears safe and away from flying dirt particles. Finally, the bag is fully built with a water repellent material – so there is definitely nothing to worry about.

Features of the bag

Water resistant gym bag

This gym bag is built with a tough water-resistant material; it means you could use the bag at any time, not minding the weather condition.

Convenient shoe compartment

There is a breathable compartment for your dirty shoes and wet apparels; you can store them in this compartment comfortably.

YKK zippers

YKK zippers are known to be exceptionally tough. With YKK #10 buttons being used for this bag, your gears are safe and secure in the various compartments


  • There are lots of flexible components/compartments
  • Strong, well-toughened zippers
  • Best price
  • Stylish, suitable for any kind of travel or vacation
  • Water resistant build is an added advantage


  • There are some other better gym bags than this

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3. KEYNEW 55L Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

By just looking at this gym bag, you may not accept it as a tear and water resistant gym bag due to its appearance, although it looks sturdy. Well, it is built with an anti-scratch oxford canvas Nylon fabric which is verified to resist water and tear. This gym bag will server for various purposes and suitable to use in any weather condition. The Keynew 55L Gym Bag looks quite attractive and we are confident it would be a perfect ideal for any sportsman at any level.

You can pack all your gears into this bag all at once, thanks to the 55L capacity. Also, there are several pockets to store valuable and little accessories. There is a well-ventilated exterior shoe compartment to keep away odor and smell, making your bag smell fresh all the time.

As said earlier, this bag comes with a practical design; there are rubber pad cubes at the base (bottom), the main compartment/pocket is enclosed by dual tough zippers with external padlock keyhole and an anti-theft zipper pocket to protect your wallet or cell phones.

Features of the bag

Comfortable carrying

There are 2 different ways to carry this bag; as a normal duffel bag using the comfortable grip or a convenient backpack with the reliable padded shoulder straps. Possibly, it can serve for your weekend travels, camp meetings, sports vacations, workout, exercising, etc.

Side pocket with double mesh compartment

You will find useful side pockets on this gym bag where you can store your stuff. The double mesh pockets hold up water bottles.

Dedicated shoe pouch

Also, there is a convenient shoe compartment to keep off your dirty shoes and sweaty towels after training.


  • Dry and wet gym bag
  • Convenient shoe compartment at the side
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Scratch resistant
  • Waterproofed body
  • Serves for various purposes a big space for everything


  • The zippers and buckles are not trustworthy

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4. SUNPOW 65L Gym Bag

This is one of the best gym bags for men which you can buy at an affordable price. It is made from a high-grade two-color mixed cationic material with the compartments enclosed with tough SBS zippers and solid clasp for optimum durability of the bag even when used daily. The needle threads at the base of this bag are very tough with a reliable cationic material. Simply, the SUNPOW 65L male gym bag is the best and it is lightweight.

One of the lovely features of this bag is the big size storage capacity and multiple compartments; the main compartment is 65L. There are about 6 individual pockets available on this bag, providing you with unlimited storage space to pack all your stuff at once.  A separate shoe compartment is also available to store your dirty shoes or wet gears after gym.

Features of the bag

Velcro compartment

Comes with a built-in Velcro compartment that allows for total flexibility of the bag.

Multi-functional pockets

There’s a mesh bag to temporarily hold on your gears and a zippered Anti-thief pocket for your wallet and keys. Other pockets are also available, providing you with big space to pack your gears.

Foldable design

When you are not using the bag, you can easily fold it up and store at any available storage space.


  • Water repellant body
  • Foldable design
  • Large capacity
  • Stylish design


  • Flimsy zippers

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5. Komal Leather Gym Duffel Bag

This is specifically made for hardcore trainers or professionals who move with heavy-duty gears. The Komal Leather Gym Duffel Bag is built from a tough/genuine leather material with canvas lining, designed by professional craftsmen. It is a rugged gym bag that will last forever when you buy it.

We love this bag because of its extremely big main compartments for packing clothing and sports gear etc. There are two big size pockets for convenient storing of your shoes. Twin adjustable and detachable shoulder straps allow for easy carrying of this gym bag.

Also, this can serve as a multi-utility gym bag that serves for so many purposes and not just for the gym.

Features of the bag

Exceptional design

The Komal Leather Gym Duffel Bag looks very unique and premium in its design. Mere looking at the bag, you could feel the quality of its materials.

Roomy pockets

All the compartment/pockets available on this gym bag are quite roomy; they can contain both big and small gears comfortably.

Reliable hardware

The zippers, buckles, clips, and other hardware are made from reliably tough materials. They were surely last forever with the bag.


  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy design and build
  • Convenient shoe compartment
  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Twin flexible shoulder straps


  • The twin shoulder straps cause inconvenience


These are the premium male gym bags you can buy with full confidence of durability. They offer great value for the prices offered and will serve for everyday usage.


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