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Looking out for the best gym bag for youths? Check out these 5 best gym duffel bags we have listed here. They are compatible, lightweight, with a large capacity to contain all your sports/training gears at once.

This is the most reliable list on the internet for the best gym duffel bags for youths. We carefully picked out these sports duffel bags after considering so many important factors for choosing the best gym bags.

The Top 5 Best Gym Duffel Bag Youth

1. AmazonBasics Sports Duffel

Frankly speaking, this bag is indeed a classic, perfect gym duffel bag for youths. Considering there are different colors of the bag available on Amazon, both male and female youths would love this gym bag. It is manufactured by Amazon; so, we know it is going to last very long. However, the body is made from 100% polyester with expert finish touches.

This is a medium class gym duffel bag having 60L capacity; it is well-spaced to contain all the gears you’ll need for the gym every day.  The bottom is designed with an abrasion-resistant material; the bag won’t scratch a bit even when dropped on rough surfaces.

There are several compartments that surround the body of this bag, provider the owner with lots of storage space to pack all valuables and pieces of equipment. Either of the side compartments can serve as your shoe pocket to keep out dirty shoes or wet towels. The AmazonBasics Sports Duffel is a premium option for every youth seeking to get a new gym bag for everyday use.

Features of the bag

Comfortable Carrying

The adjustable, padded shoulder strap allows for the convenient carrying of the bag; either as a slung-over shoulder bag or across the chest. There is also a padded top handle for quick/easy grab and go.

Durable Design and Build

Ruggedly designed with superior, abrasion-resistant bottom, this duffel bag stands up to everyday use. It moves along with you from home to locker or playing field and back again.

Multiple colors

There are about 8 colors of the bag available and the colors are all unique. Male and females can comfortably choose their preferred colors.

Big size duffel bag

Due to the large capacity, this gym bag keeps your gears well organized/arranged. Also, the availability of various pockets makes it easier to locate your stuff. An exterior mesh pocket holds up your water bottles while interior zippered pocket holds up your cell phone or keys.


  • Premium design
  • Comfortable to carry about
  • Multiple universal pockets
  • Tough base
  • Superior body build materials


  • It is not waterproof
  • No wet/dry pocket for dirty shoes or other wet gears

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2. NIKE Brasilia Duffel Bag

This is a superior gym bag for trainers of all levels; it is available in many colors and very spacious enough to contain all your stuff at once. All the variants of this bag are designed with multi-matching colors, making each appear unique in its own design. The color combination looks premium, just the way it should be.

NIKE Brasilia Duffel Bag is curled from a 100% high-grade polyester material for long-lasting use. While the top portion is not waterproof, the bottom is designed to resist water penetration into the bag.

For comfortable carrying of this bag, Nike pegged dual top handhold straps which are padded at the middle for an ergonomic grip. Also, it comes with a flexible shoulder strap which has padding at the center too.

Features of the bag

Superior design

Looking at the Nike Brasilia Gym Duffel Bag, it looks premium. The design is appealing that everyone who sees the bag would love to take a second look at it again. With everything appearing in details, this gym bag has a more acceptable body design than most other ones.

Shoe compartment

There is an exterior shoe compartment available on this gym duffel bag. It is very big to contain any kind/type of sports shoe. You can conveniently store your dirty shoes in this pouch after gym.

Flexible handles/carriers

The shoulder strap is adjustable, so you can adjust it to suit your convenience. Also, both the shoulder strap and top handles come with soft padding at the middle.

Strong material design

This bag was built with 100% polyester material. The bottom area has the ability to resist water penetration into the bag.


  • Spacious shoe compartment
  • Adjustable handles
  • Multiple color variants
  • Interior mesh pocket


  • Cheap zippers
  • There are no much pockets/compartments available for storing gears

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3. Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag

When we saw the name Adidas, we knew this bag would certainly be a top-class gym bag for everyday trainers. Just as we predicted, the Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag proved to be a superior, compatible gym bag suitable for versatile purposes. The look of this bag is spectacular; designed a shiny Polyester Nylon fabric, built to resist rip, wear, or tear.

There are multiple colors of this bag, about 20+ of them and variable sizes too. So, if you’re not comfortable with this exact size, you can opt-in for a bigger one. The Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag features up to four (4) exterior zippered compartments and an easy access mesh pocket to hold up water bottles or other little gears.

Also, there is a side shoe compartment for keeping out your dirty shoes after gym or wet wears. This area is vented for this purpose.

Features of the bag

Trustworthy materials

This bag is made from a steadfast polyester fabric. The bottom is mechanized with hydro shield water-resistant technology.

Comfortable carrying

The top handle straps and the detachable shoulder strap are padded to offer great convenience to anyone carrying the bag.

Lots of pockets

Even though it is not a heavy-duty gym bag, it packs quite a lot of functional pockets for storing your stuffs. An external mesh pocket is available to hold up water bottles and keep you hydrated while on the go.

Shoe compartment

The shoe compartment area is vented so that fresh air enters the bag to dry up your sweaty wears or dirty shoes. This will improve good smell in all compartments of the bag.


  • Multiple colors to pick from
  • Portable design
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Strong zippers


  • The whole body is not waterproof

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4. SUNPOW 65L Packable Duffle Bag

This is one of the best gym duffel bags you can buy at a very cheap price. It is made from a high-quality 2-color mixed cationic material and the pockets/compartments secured with premium SBS zippers and solid clasp, providing maximum durability against day-to-day activities. The needle thread density at the bottom of this bag is very tough with a premium cationic material. In all, the SUNPOW 65L Packable Duffle Bag is durable and lightweight.

One of the best features of this bag is the large storage capacity and multi compartments; the main compartment capacity is about 65L. You’ll find up to 6 separate pockets on this bag; this provides you with unlimited space to pack all your gears at once when heading to the gym.  An exterior shoe compartment is also available to store dirty shoes or clothes after practice. Also, a hidden zippered Anti-thief pocket protects your wallet, key, or other valuables.

Features of the bag

Velcro compartment

An inbuilt Velcro compartment hides behind the SUNPOW duffel and it allows you to easily carry the bag with your Draw-bar Suitcase or Trunk! The Velcro secures your duffel, preventing it from moving.

Multi-functional pockets

There’s a Net bag to temporarily hold on your stuff and a zippered Anti-thief pocket for your wallet and keys. Other pockets/compartments are also available, providing you with enough space to pack your gears.

Foldable design

When you are not using the bag, you can easily fold it up and store at any available storage space.


  • Water resistant body
  • Foldable design
  • Large capacity
  • Sleek design


  • Cheap zippers

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5. Runetz Gym Bag

This is a budget-friendly gym bag for youths with a flexible body build. The Runetz Gym Bag features a sturdy design with the main compartment space about 20 inches; this is very large to contain all your gears at once. The manufacturer made it available in multiple colors so that everyone can comfortably choose a preferred color. There is an exterior shoe compartment to keep off your dirty gears, and it is protected with strong zippers.

Furthermore, this gym bag made from a high-grade polyester material with reinforced stitching for long-lasting usage. You can comfortably carry the bag in different styles. Interestingly, there are lots of functional pockets available on this bag for storing up important gym stuff.

Features of the bag

Detachable shoulder strap

The shoulder strap can be easily removed by uncorking the buckles at both ends. It has padding at the center for maximum comfort when in use.

Multiple pockets

Quite a lot of useful bags are available on this duffle for keeping different types of gears. These pockets are roomy to contain big stuff.

Separate shoe compartment

At one side of this gym bag lies a convenient shoe compartment you could use to keep off your dirty shoes after gym.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Strong zippers
  • Stylish design


  • It has a feeble bottom

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